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Palm Pals Ministry Statement

The Palm Pal Kids Ministry is all about teaching people from 1st-6th grade how to know God & live the life God intended for His people to live.  Through quality programs & activities youth & adult believers model, teach, pray for and encourage kids so that they can become Children of God whose lives shine like stars!

Palm Pals
Sunday school.png

   Summer Sundays

are different in July!

10:30am - Kid's Church
Starts in Worship Center, ends in Rally Room
Multi-generational worship with a kid-friendly finish!

Summer Camp
Summer Camp
Summer Camp
Summer Camp
Summer Camp
Soccer Wednesdays
Soccer on Wednesday Afternoons
Phoenix Eagles Partnership

Check out the links below to see what we've been up to!

Palm Pal Connections

Use this link to register your family in before you arrive at a Palm Pal or Lil Pal activity

Palm Pal Facebook Group-Private for families & Teachers

Palm Pal Instagram-Private Group for families & teachers

Palm Pal Youtube- Fun, kid friendly videos!

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